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Marcia Kimpton

Photo of filmmaker Marcia Kimpto

Marcia Kimpton is a writer, director, producer and actress based in Aspen Colorado after living in New York city and Los Angeles for many years. Marcia has produced and directed her own late night shows, TV pilots and web series.  Marcia is currently in post production with the “American in Amsterdam” comedy film that was shot in October 2019 in Amsterdam and intends to submit to the 2020 Cannes Film festival.


Marcia's first feature film “Bardo Blues” is set in Thailand and tells the story of a man coming to grips with tragedy by escaping to par aside.  "Bardo Blues" has won 42 awards including the best film at the Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival, the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and Canada’s Yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival.  It has also received awards for best cinematography, best editing, best lead actor and Marcia received a best actress award at LAIFF.  "Bardo Blues" has also been a semi-finalist at the World of Film International Festival Glasgow and Best Film Film Festival.  "Bardo Blues" was distributed in theaters across the US in 2019 by Freestyle Digital Media and is currently being pitched as a TV drama series.

Marcia's second short film called “My Reality” is a mock documentary about the Queen of Late Night who loses her job only to find herself desperately looking for any job that will pay the bills and she in the end has to settle for reality TV.  This film is currently being submitted to film festivals. 

Marcia is working on the second edition of her memoir, “Escaping the Hollywood Bardo.”  This book is available on Amazon.  Marcia also has a podcast called "The Climb" on WLS Chicago Radio.

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