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An American in Amsterdam Film

I, Marcia Kimpton (the writer, director, producer and lead actress), love Amsterdam and hate reality TV so I wrote a comedy about two women doing a reality show. This will be the third film I have directed, written, produced and acted in and I chose Amsterdam because it is a wild and beautiful city, plus I really love working with the Dutch. I want to film a movie during the day that is a satire on reality TV while at night the movie is similar to "The Hangover" movie with all its mistakes, twists and turns and humor. 


My last film is "Bardo Blues", a mystery drama. Shot in northern Thailand, it has received 42 awards and I will be working with this same crew on this Amsterdam movie. I have switched back to comedy like my first film called "My Reality", but this has a very different storyline and it is shot in Europe which lends a very different atmosphere than America. I like mixing the ideas from the movie "Borat" where they work with real people, but in my film "An American in Amsterdam" we won't make fun of the tourists in Amsterdam. They are in on my fun and they are enjoying being in the movie.


The movie will mix real-life tourists coming to Amsterdam with actors in their role to form an original comedy. I will also intermix with a few dutch characters. There will be another American female, who plays Marcia's best friend, Shirley, who tries to avoid deportation by directing the reality show and only she knows she has been in Europe too long and could be deported any day.  She likes only younger men after being broken-hearted with men her age so because she is in her early 50's there is a funny chase to get the young editor who is working on the production. Dirk, the character, says nothing and we find out why at the end of the movie he so adores her. We see Marcia and Shirley at night go in and out of coffee shops getting high and in different bars drinking in a hilarious way.


The entire purpose to this movie is to bring joy and laughter to the audience because these days the world seems to be only getting darker and I want to direct and write a movie that makes you laugh. Because I have the same crew for "Bardo Blues" along with an award-winning American and Dutch cinematographers, I am guarantee the movie will look beautiful like Amsterdam and likely meet earn awards and success like "Bardo Blues."

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