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An American in Amsterdam TV Series

Just picture it: you’re the Queen of Late Night TV and it’s taken from you by a bunch of freakin’ corporate suits. So, you do what anyone else would do: try and reclaim your former glory by getting a reality show that ends up ruining your life. So now you’re left with only one recourse: "So now you're left with only one recourse: Move to Amsterdam!  Escape America and hire a bunch of Dutch men to be your film and start a grassroots campaign centering on a web show called "Planet M."  Marcia is the host of "Planet M" and Amsterdam is where her web show is based but she travels with her web crew throughout Europe as she discovers artists - and herself along the way.


Will Planet M be the vehicle they all need to fulfill themselves or will it just be a job they can’t wait to be over?  Will Marcia find peace or will her self-destructive behavior get the best of her? Will she achieve stardom as the champion for new artists in Amsterdam and Europe or will she return to America still chasing her Hollywood dream?

Football Scene
Deck Scene
Neighbor Scene
Kitchen Scene
5 min Marcia's Back Story
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